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3 Easy Ways To Make The Water Of Your Tank Clean During Monsoon

Monsoon might be known for bringing new life to Earth but it is also known for several kinds of infections and diseases. During monsoon, people get sick due to due to unclean and impure water. In such situations, your domestic water storage tank can help you get fresh and clean water. But if you want to avoid getting sick completely, it is best to purify the water in your tank, especially if you are going to drink it. There are several ways to purify the water you are going to drink. Read on to find out.

Boil The Water

We all know heating anything kills germs. So, boiling water has to be the most effective way to kill germs. If you boil water for at least three minutes, it will definitely destroy most germs like bacteria, virus, protozoan and other pathogens. But the only disadvantage of boiling water is it uses up too much fuel which can be expensive.

Using Chlorine Tablets

If you don’t want to spend too much money or burn much fuel, then you can use chlorine tablets. It is also an effective agent to purify water. These tablets are easily available in the market. All you need to do is put them in your domestic water storage tank or other big water containers. It takes some time but in 4-5 hours, the water becomes good enough to drink. The only negative is for some people this way of treating water may not suit them if they don’t like the smell of chlorine. Ask an expert how much tablets to put for purifying the water of your tank.

Alum For Sedimentation

Alum has a lot of uses. One of the best advantages of alum is it can be used for purifying the water. The process of sedimentation is used to clean the water with the help of alum. If you put some alum in the water and leave it untouched, it will help all the particles settle down at the bottom of the container. After that, you will need to take out the clean water to another container very cautiously without disturbing the settled particles. This doesn’t have any disadvantage, except you need to be careful when transferring the water from one container to another.

You can use any of these three simple methods to purify the water of your domestic water storage tanks in order to prevent any water-borne diseases.

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