4 Common Pregnancy Complication

4 Common Pregnancy Complications You Should Be Familiar With

The path of pregnancy is not always smooth for every woman. Some of them have to undergo certain complications that are directly related to pregnancy. Medical survey reports notify that almost 8% of women go through a tumultuous journey of pregnancy. Such pregnancy complications either harm the baby or the mother. Sometimes, both the mother and the baby get affected by these acute pregnancy complications. Let the clinic for the best private ultrasound scan in Reading apprise you about some general pregnancy complications.

1. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus:

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus or GDM is one of those serious pregnancy complications that tend to happen from the 24th week to the 28th week of pregnancy. The probability of this complication can be seen mainly among overweight mothers. In this case of complication, the unborn baby grows larger than the expectation inside the womb. As a result, the problem occurs during delivery.

2. Placenta Previa:

During the 40 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta works as a mediator between the mum and the kiddy inside the womb. Normally, the placenta is attached to the higher section of the uterus. But, in the case of Placenta Previa, the placenta to a certain extend covers the cervix. For this, the mom-to-be often faces bleeding along with other problems during pregnancy. There is no prevention for this complication. The only thing you can do is to undergo frequent ultrasound scans at your nearest clinic that serves you the best 4D ultrasound scan in Reading in order to detect the position of your placenta and the baby.

3. Anemia:

Most women suffer from anemia because of their lower-than-usual amount of red blood cells. As a mum carries another life inside her womb, she needs a sufficient amount of red blood cells in her body. When this amount decreases, pregnancy anemia becomes prominent in a mother’s body. As a result, the skin of the mother becomes light-toned. Hence, in order to prevent this complication, the mom-to-be should take the right amount of iron and folic acid supplement during her pregnancy.

4. Preeclampsia:

This pregnancy complication is often referred to as Toxemia in the medical term. One of the major reasons for this perplexity is the high blood pressure of the mother. In addition, if the mother has any problem with her kidneys, this complication easily turns into a serious matter of agitation. It needs medical treatment for that.

Having complications during pregnancy has become a common topic in medical science. Most of them are curable. For that, proper prenatal care is highly required. Remember, you have to be fit and fine during your pregnancy for the sake of your baby’s well-being. Stick to your diet chart, listen to your gynecologist, and go for frequent check-ups. Visit Window to the Womb, if you intend to avail the best private ultrasound scan in Reading.






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