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5 Difference Between Electric Water Heater And Solar Water Heater

There has been a recent rise in demand for a domestic and commercial solar water heater. Before now, people only used electric water heater. There are many differences between these two. Some say solar water heaters are better and some say electric water heater. For you to decide properly, we have listed five major differences between domestic solar water heater and electric water heater. Take a look.

Electric VS Solar

There are two types of electric water heater. One is the storage type and the other one is the instant type used for hot water supply whereas a domestic solar water heater has only one storage tank used to store hot water.

The functions

For an electric heater, electricity is used in which electric energy is turned into heat energy. Solar water heating system, on the other hand, collects the solar energy and turn it into heat energy. The collector plates are used to collect sunlight to produce energy. Then this energy is used to heat the water.

Components Of Electric And Solar Heater

Both types of heaters have a different kind of components. An electric storage heater has insulated storage tank, heating element, water connections (inlet/outlet), and thermostat. An electric instant has insulated vessel, heat exchanger, and water connections. But solar water heater has only two components which are collector to collect solar energy and insulated storage tank to store hot water.

Advantages Of Both Types Of Heaters

There are several advantages of electric water heater like it has no local emissions. They are easy to install and less expensive than other heaters. It does not need much space for installation. It is also safe against any explosion. The best part is that it loses only 1% of stored heat every hour.

One of the biggest advantages of solar water heater is that it uses free natural resources that help to save electricity bill. Solar energy is a renewable and clean energy source, unlike electricity. This is also easy to install but unlike the electric ones, it requires very minimal maintenance. They are also highly efficient as 80% of the radiation can be converted into heat energy. They can be used for 15-20 years if used properly. You can get hot water even during a power cut.

Disadvantages Of Both Types Of Heaters

Electric water heaters are quite expensive on a daily basis as it takes too much current to run. It also has a less flow rate and the danger of a short circuit. The only disadvantage of a solar water heating system is that it requires enough space on the roof or an open space where sunlight is available. On very bad weather conditions, it might not be as efficient as required.

So, after weighing in the differences, it is clear that a domestic solar water heater is the safest option.

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