5 Top States Using Rooftop Solar Powered Devices In India

Solar power is the next most used energy source used after electricity. Many scientists believe that solar energy is the future of the world’s sustainability. Solar power is not only used for producing electricity but also in several other ways like solar batteries, solar water heating systems, etc. In India, the government has started to put more money on solar energy to make the country self-reliant. Globally, India is placed in the 5th position for using the most solar power. Many states have become well-developed in using solar-powered technologies and in several states research is still going on. Here, we have listed the top five states in India which have made its mark with rooftop solar power.


Gujarat is not only the hub of the industries but also tops the list of using the most solar power. The total rooftop solar capacity is 468.9 MW as measured in February 2020. The total solar power generation capacity in Gujarat was 2886.16 MW at the end of the very same month.


After Gujrat, it is no doubt Karnataka that is the second-highest in having solar energy generation capacity in India. The total installed solar power generation capacity was 7277.93 MW as measured in the month of February of 2020. The total rooftop solar capacity was measured to be 232.77 MW.


The third in the list is Rajasthan. This state has also advanced a lot in trying to become independent of electricity. They rely on solar power in a lot of places in this big state. While the rooftop solar capacity is 224 MW, the total installed solar capacity for rooftop is 5035.06 MW at the end of February in this year.


Although it is one of the biggest states in India, for the capacity of solar power generation it comes fourth. The total solar power capacity is 1801.80 MW and rooftop solar power capacity has been 219.56 MW only.


Last on the list of top five states for solar power capacity is the capital of India itself. Delhi is no doubt one of the most advanced metropolitan city. So, it is of no surprise that as measured in February of this year, the rooftop solar capacity is 156.2 MW. The total installed solar power capacity, on the other hand, is 165.16 MW.

These are the top five states that are best-known for installing solar power. If you wish to use solar-powered devices, you can also install a solar water heating system on your roof.