6 Skincare Products You Must Use During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women consider skincare a luxury during pregnancy but this is wrong on so many levels. Skincare is equally important as anything else during pregnancy. If you do not take better care of your skin now then you might regret it later. There are 6 certain skincare products that you have to use if you are with a bump to look as beautiful as a rose. So, let’s take a quick look at all of them without adding anything more.

Rose Water

There are no words to describe how amazing rose water is for your skin during pregnancy. Rose water helps in maintaining the natural pH balance of your skin and has astringent properties, all these features help prevent pregnancy acne. You can use rose water as a moisturiser, toner, and can even prepare a DIY face pack with it. It is highly recommended to use organic or homemade rose water.

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Aloe Vera Gel

What would be your pregnancy without aloevera gel? This gel prevents itching and helps in soothing your inflamed skin during pregnancy. Use freshly extracted aloe vera gel to get excellent results.


Pregnancy can make your skin dry and also the fact that it is always cold in Aylesbury. Apply a good face moisturiser on your skin twice a day for intense hydration.

Hand Cream

Since your face is getting dry, your hands are getting drier during pregnancy. To avoid dry and flaky hands, invest in good hand cream or lotion and apply as and when required.

Lip balm

Pregnancy is not an excuse to have chapped lips. Use a lip balm or an organic chapstick to keep your lips supple. Carry a lip balm while visiting the labour room as labour can make your lips drier.

Stretch Marks Removal Cream

Nobody wants stretch marks but sadly you’ll get them during pregnancy. You can lighten the appearance of your stretch marks by applying a stretch mark oil or cream twice or thrice a day on a regular basis.

Foot Massage Cream

To take great care of your swollen pregnancy feet, massage your feet with a moisturising foot massage cream before going to bed.

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