All You Need To Know About Depression During Pregnancy

Depression is a medical condition when you always feel sad and lose interest in things that you previously loved doing. It can affect the way you feel, think, or act. Prenatal depression is the kind of depression that is faced by a woman during her pregnancy. Sometimes, this depression can stay after childbirth. Here’s everything you need to know about depression as stated by the best fetal health scan clinic in Reading.

Symptoms of depression

There are several symptoms of depression that a woman might face during her pregnancy. They are sore throat, dizziness, feeling of restlessness and worthlessness, eating more or less, trouble in remembering things, suicidal thoughts, withdrawing yourself from friends and family, etc.

Causes of depression

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause depression. Depression can also be caused by genes. Genes are parts of body cells that store instructions about the body’s growth and work.

Can depression during pregnancy affect your fetus?

Yes, it might affect your fetus. As per several studies, prenatal depression can prove fatal to the baby’s overall development. If you are pregnant and not taking good care of yourself then the baby growing inside you will also not get the required amount of care. This might affect his/her health. If you are smoking or drinking during your pregnancy then this can also hamper your baby’s health to a great extent. However, if you are facing any kind of abnormalities, it is suggested to visit your doctor immediately and go to a private ultrasound scan clinic in Reading to know about your baby’s health.

How to treat depression during pregnancy?

First of all, the patient should be educated on the topic that how depression can affect her and her baby. The patient should be provided cognitive-behavioural therapy, conjoint therapy, supportive psychotherapy, whichever the doctor feels suitable for her. There are some non-medical treatment options as well to treat depression. Those are improvement in nutrition and diet, avoiding alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and getting proper sleep. Some women who are in the primary stage of depression can talk with their friends and family members which can really bring them relief, or they can also talk to other women who have faced similar symptoms of depression during their pregnancy and struggled to get out of it. However, women who are facing moderate to severe symptoms of depression should go through pharmacologic treatment options.

Thus, you can see that there are a lot of side effects of depression during pregnancy and the most vital one is it can affect your baby’s health. So enjoy your pregnancy and do not risk your baby’s health. Check out Reading’s affordable baby scan packages offered by the leading fetal health scan clinic in Reading.

Author Bio: Hi, I am Kristy Barrett. I work full time-time in a well being-care facility and I enjoy blogging about parenting and mom-care in my free time.