Bad Breath During Pregnancy? Don’t Worry, Do These Things!

Nobody likes stinky breath. It is a huge turn off even when you are with a bump. Sadly, pregnancy can cause bad breath in some women. One of the reasons being hormonal changes during pregnancy. You face severe changes in your hormones when you are pregnant and these hormonal changes have an impact on your entire body, including your dental health. Thankfully, bad breath can be treated and avoided by doing the following things as mentioned below.

Do the following things to prevent and get rid of bad breath.

Maintain proper dental hygiene

This is something extremely important no matter whosoever you are. Brush your teeth with a good-quality soft toothbrush and fluoride and breath-freshening toothpaste. Use a tongue scraper or cleaner to remove the bacteria of your tongue that can cause bad breath. Floss at least once a day, preferably every night. Gargle with a good mouth rinse (avoid swallowing) after each meal to avoid bacteria build-up.

Drink plenty of water

Water helps in neutralizing the effect of bacteria that cause bad breath. Drink water all the time, if you keep on forgetting to drink water then install a water reminder app on your phone. You can also drink lemon water and other fruit-infused water.

Avoid strong-smelling foods

Try to stay away or limit the consumption of foods that cause bad breath, such as garlic and onions. In case you have consumed them then immediately swish your mouth with a refreshing mouthwash.

Don’t eat sugary foods

Bacteria love sugar. So, avoid consuming sugary foods and drinks, like candies, chocolates, sweets, and soft drinks.

Get regular dental checkups

Visiting your dentist now and then is a good idea to keep tabs on your oral health. Consider visiting your dentist once or twice a year.

Consume natural mouth refreshments

Avoid artificial breath mints as they contain sugar. Instead, opt for natural mouth refreshments, such as cardamom, basil leaves, and mint leaves.

Whenever you encounter bad breath, immediately rinse your mouth with a mouthwash to feel better. Know the progress of your pregnancy from Aylesbury’s best ultrasound baby scan clinic.

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