Breastfeeding: Is There Any Way To Increase Your Milk Supply?

Breastfeeding is a very heart-warming experience for any new mother. Low milk supply happens due to plenty of reasons, like poor nutrition, insufficient breastfeeding, mental health problems, side-effects of certain medications, and so on. However, there are certain ways through which you can increase your milk supply in weeks. 

Understand that everything takes time and following the below-mentioned tips will not guarantee overnight success. So, be patient and follow these tips to see an increase in your milk supply. 

Get sufficient nutrients 

Getting the right nutrition is more important than ever when you are nursing your baby. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, eggs, lentils, meat, dry fruits, dairy and its products, and so on. 

Eat lactation cookies

We all love cookies but do you know that cookies can help in increasing your milk supply? Breastfeeding or lactation cookies can amplify your milk supply to some extent. Here are some breastfeeding cookies you can try: Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies, Flaxseeds Lactation Cookies, Berry Walnut Lactation Cookies, Cinnamon and Date Lactation Cookies, Gluten-free Lactation Cookies, and so on. 

Drink lactation smoothies

If you are unable to eat lactation cookies, you can consider drinking lactation smoothies as they are both delicious and healthy to the core. Here are some lactation smoothies you can drink: Oatmeal and Banana Lactation Smoothie, Blueberry Lactation Smoothie, Chocolate Lactation Smoothie, Peanut Butter Smoothie, Coconut Banana Oat Lactation Smoothie, and so on. 

Get plenty of rest 

Taking rest is beneficial and important for you after childbirth. Sometimes the body gets so tired that it can’t function properly. If you are tired then it will hamper your milk supply so it’s better to get as much rest as your body needs. 

Nurse from both breasts

Nursing from both breasts fosters milk production. Therefore, always offer both breasts whenever you nurse your baby. 

Feed frequently

The more you feed your little one, the more your milk supply increases. Try to nurse your baby 5-6 times a day and whenever on demand. Since you are nursing frequently, ensure to eat healthy meals throughout the day. 

Take good care of yourself and your baby. ☺️

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Author Bio: Becky Adams here! Love to share knowledge on pregnancy and parenting.