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Can Your Plastic Water Storage Tank Withstand The Heat?

plastic water storage tank can withstand temperatures up to 100F. But this figure can be wrong at times because there are several other aspects that you should also consider. If your house or company is in such a region that gets extremely hot, then this should be taken into consideration while buying a domestic or a commercial water storage tank. There are two concepts of temperature that you need to consider. Those are – ambient temperature and process temperature. When you are talking about the highest temperature that your tank can withstand, both aspects should be taken into consideration.

Ambient temperature vs. process temperature in the commercial water storage tank

The external atmosphere temperature is known as ambient temperature. It has little effect on the content in the tank because the ambient temperature can fluctuate very quickly. To heat tons of chemicals, first, the heat needs to penetrate through the plastic water storage tank. By the time the ambient temperature begins to warm up the chemical inside the tank, the sun is already descending and the temperature is falling. The same happens in the hottest areas of the country as well.

Process temperature is the temperature of the content inside the tank and it affects the tank more than ambient temperature does. That is why, while determining your tank thickness, you should consider the process temperature as it plays a vital role. However, there are some chemicals like sodium hydroxide which can crystalize or freeze if the temperature falls below a certain level. Be careful while buying a tank to store these types of chemicals.

Can Chemical Temperature fluctuate?

Depending on how you are handling the stored chemicals inside a tank, the process temperature can fluctuate. There are some chemicals like alum, ferric, and polymer which are delivered at higher temperatures. They cool down gradually while they are being stored. To reduce the cost, some chemicals are delivered in bulk. Once the delivery is done, they need to be diluted with water. For chemicals like sodium hydroxide, dilution increases the process temperature within the tank. Consider all these aspects while buying a ploy tank.

How heat can impact your plastic water storage tank?

It is important for you to understand the temperature to which your tank will remain exposed. Storage tanks having cross-linking polymers can contract or expand according to ambient and process temperature. The tank must be manufactured with consideration for the chemical and the temperature at which the chemical needs to be stored. If you are storing a warmer chemical in a tank that is not designed for such temperatures, then it may expand until it exceeds allowable hoop stress.

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