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Can Your Plastic Water Storage Tank Withstand The Heat?

A plastic water storage tank can withstand temperatures up to 100F. But this figure can be wrong at times because there are several other aspects that you should also consider. If your house or company is in such a region that gets extremely hot, then this should be taken into consideration while buying a domestic or a commercial water storage […]

 Planning To Buy A Domestic Solar Water Heater? Read These Tips

Solar water heating solutions have captured the market in recent times. This technology has developed a lot in the past 100 years in order to reduce global carbon footprints. This system is very economical and efficient as it helps to cut down the electricity bill. In some countries, solar water heaters are as common as antennas. But a solar […]

Points To Consider While Purchasing A Water Tank In Kolkata

Buying a water tank is not an easy task as you have to consider a lot of facts while purchasing one. Many people get confused while buying a water tank in Kolkata. Things like dimensions, gallons, color everything has to be considered otherwise you might end up buying the wrong tank which might not serve […]

Solar Panels Or Solar Water Heating System: Which One Is Preferable?

Solar-powered things are becoming reliable more and more for a lot of people. But, one thing that is common is that people tend to become quite confused over what to use for their home. Some choose solar panels and others choose a solar water heating system for home. One must choose based on their requirement […]

Industrial PPE Kits: A Saviour In This Pandemic For All Of Us

It’s been a year since the first case of COVID-19 was caught in November. Ever since then although many countries have managed to contain the situations somewhat, cases are still increasing in a lot of places. Throughout the year, so many people working in the service sector have kept working no matter what. Mostly, the […]

5 Top States Using Rooftop Solar Powered Devices In India

Solar power is the next most used energy source used after electricity. Many scientists believe that solar energy is the future of the world’s sustainability. Solar power is not only used for producing electricity but also in several other ways like solar batteries, solar water heating systems, etc. In India, the government has started to […]

How Important Is The Colour Black For A Domestic Water Storage Tank?

For years, black has been the most used colour for a plastic water tank. People don’t normally go for different colour if black is available while buying a domestic water storage tank. But in recent years, more and more colourful tanks have started to become available and people are steering towards them. Doubts and arguments […]

4 Reasons Every Business Should Focus On Opting Digital Marketing

A lot of company has already chosen the path of digital marketing to make their company a success. Whether your business is in Kolkata or anywhere else, you can reach anywhere you want to. Even though digital marketing takes some efforts and time, ultimately it is the key to your success now. You can hire […]

5 Difference Between Electric Water Heater And Solar Water Heater

There has been a recent rise in demand for a domestic and commercial solar water heater. Before now, people only used electric water heater. There are many differences between these two. Some say solar water heaters are better and some say electric water heater. For you to decide properly, we have listed five major differences […]