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5 Top States Using Rooftop Solar Powered Devices In India

Solar power is the next most used energy source used after electricity. Many scientists believe that solar energy is the future of the world’s sustainability. Solar power is not only used for producing electricity but also in several other ways like solar batteries, solar water heating systems, etc. In India, the government has started to […]

How Important Is The Colour Black For A Domestic Water Storage Tank?

For years, black has been the most used colour for a plastic water tank. People don’t normally go for different colour if black is available while buying a domestic water storage tank. But in recent years, more and more colourful tanks have started to become available and people are steering towards them. Doubts and arguments […]

4 Reasons Every Business Should Focus On Opting Digital Marketing

A lot of company has already chosen the path of digital marketing to make their company a success. Whether your business is in Kolkata or anywhere else, you can reach anywhere you want to. Even though digital marketing takes some efforts and time, ultimately it is the key to your success now. You can hire […]

5 Difference Between Electric Water Heater And Solar Water Heater

There has been a recent rise in demand for a domestic and commercial solar water heater. Before now, people only used electric water heater. There are many differences between these two. Some say solar water heaters are better and some say electric water heater. For you to decide properly, we have listed five major differences […]

6 Must-Have Characters Necessary For Your Professional Logo Design

A logo design must have certain characteristics in order to build brand recognition. These characteristics help you to make your professional logo design famous among your target audience and competitors. A logo design with the right characteristics is the first step to move towards the success of your brand. Simplicity This is one of the […]

5 Most Used Tools Required For Search Engine Optimization In 2020

Search Engine Optimization can be difficult and something that needs attention every day. It is a job of professional who can bring a website’s SEO to the top. But even a digital marketing company requires several tools that help in the optimization or keep a track of it. Here are some tools that should be […]

Logo Designs In The UK: How I Established My Bakery Business

Hello to each and every entrepreneur in the UK. Doing business in the times of COVID-19 is downright challenging but by taking the right decisions at the right time make this challenge an easy one. When I was a child, my favourite pastime was watching my mother whisk and bake treats. Whether it was Christmas […]

The Relevance Of Cylindrical Shape In Domestic Water Storage Tanks

The cylindrical shape is the most common shape for all kinds of water tanks. You must have noticed that most domestic water storage tanks come in this shape only. This is not a random thing that was just chosen to do but rather there is a reason behind it. The circular cross-section provides a lot […]

Cold Showers Or Hot Showers: Which One Is More Beneficial For You?

Some prefer to have cold showers while others prefer hot showers. But which one of them is more beneficial is the real question. Rejuvenating yourself at the end of the day with the help of a warm shower is a very good option. A domestic solar water heater can help you in this by providing […]

4 Uncommon Facts That You Might Not Have Known About Logo Designing

In the modern era, a logo design has become the most important part of a company. It holds a lot of power regarding a company’s brand, image, loyalty, etc. Without a logo design, it is hard to make a mark in this competitive world. But, ever wondered from where all of these started or why […]