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5 Effective Tips For Bouncy And Voluminous Hair For Filipino Beauties 

Every woman wants bouncy and voluminous hair. Bouncy hair looks lovely and healthy but the thing about bouncy hair is that it’s not easy to achieve and maintain this style. Women in Philippines love to have a voluminous mane so here I’m back with another helpful blog on this very topic. Dear Filipino beauties, let’s look at 5 effective […]

3 Best DIY Hair Masks That Work Well On Damaged Hair 

Dry and damaged hair needs extra care and maintenance. Your hair can become dry, damaged, and brittle if you do not take proper care for it. When you don’t get the right nutrition or use excessive hair styling products, it is your hair that pays the price. To prevent dry and damaged hair, get proper nutrition, […]

Why Is It A Must-Do Thing To Remove Makeup At The End Of The Day?

Removing the makeup at the end of the day is very important. Many times, you might get tempted to skip this step if you are too tired. But every cosmetic supplier and makeup experts say that whatever you do, never forget to remove your makeup. There is a reason for that. If you keep your […]

Stock Up For Your Expecting Baby In This Pandemic Beforehand

Are you going to give birth to your baby any day now? We understand that the outside world is quite dangerous right now, especially for a pregnant woman. So, imagine how scary it can be for a newborn. Most pregnant women are not even coming out of the house right now except when visiting the […]

Keratin Products From The Best Keratin Treatment Supplier In Philippines

Keratin treatment is getting extremely popular among the women in Philippines. Over a period of time, our hair loses its keratin (an essential hair protein) due to various reasons, like stress, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, heat, and so on. That’s when keratin treatment becomes a necessity. What keratin treatment does is, it brings the hair back […]

Mineral Makeup: 6 Things To Know Before You Start To Apply It

Several types of makeup have become popular nowadays. A simple way of applying makeup has become a thing of the past, especially if there is a very special occasion. Mineral makeup is also one such way of applying makeup. People are trying to use natural things more and more. This is why people when buying […]

Discover The Most Voguish Hair Styling Products In The Philippines

When it comes to hair and its care, we always want to play safe and give it the best treatment with the help of right hair styling products. Hair is one of the most prized possession of many of us. We all love and dream to have a shiny, silky, and healthy hair. Unfortunately, it […]

Skincare Mistakes For Dry Skin You Should Avoid In The Summer

Now that summer is here, taking care of your skin is quite essential. The summer in the Philippines can be hard and on top of that, if you have dry skin, it will be equally hard for you to take care of your skin. But, you must have heard of thousands of advice until now […]

The Significance Of Right Hair Styling Products For A Healthy Hair

Many of us are under the impression that hair products that we use do not matter. Hair type and its quality differ from person to person. Some have dry frizzy hair, some oily or some normal. Therefore, using the right hair products including hair styling products is extremely important. Using wrong hair care or hair […]

10 Famous Steps Of Korean Skincare That You Can Also Follow

Have you heard about the famous Korean skincare routine? Often we try to use so many varying types of makeup and cosmetic products to make our skin look better and flawless. But most times, the results seem to be unsatisfactory. Korean skin and their skincare routine have been a thing of envy for a long […]