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How To Deal With Excruciating Hand Pain? Let’s Figure Out

Hands are an essential part of the human body. We perform a plethora of things with our hands, be it eating, writing, typing, cooking, cleaning, in fact, even during praying we need to use our hands. Hand pain has become old news in today’s digitalized world. Upon that there’s deadly Corona which is making us […]

Breastfeeding The Newborn When You Have COVID-19 

COVID-19 has created havoc in the lives of everyone in the UK and almost a number of other countries. Pregnant women and new mothers are at the highest risk of getting a COVID-19 infection. Every day, we are learning new things about Coronavirus and the vaccine is still yet to come. My advice to pregnant women is […]

Love Chicken? You’ll Love It More After Reading Its Health Benefits 

Hello chicken lovers! Where have you been? Chicken is such a versatile food item that it can be transformed into many mouth-watering dishes – it could become chicken burger, chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken or even chicken stews. Okay, lemme include chicken biryani too because I don’t wanna disappoint my beloved readers who are hardcore […]

National Parents’ Day UK: Celebration Ideas For Expecting Parents

A big hello and a happy national parents’ day to all expecting parents living in Aylesbury. Hope you all are doing well. Pregnant mommas, did you get your obstetric report from a good ultrasound baby scan clinic recently? Are you taking good care of hygiene during this pandemic outbreak? These are just small responsibilities as the bigger ones are yet […]

How To Take Care Of Your Hair When You’re With A Bump

Pregnancy is a highly complicated but worth-having experience. Actually, pregnancy is such an overwhelming period that women tend to forget taking care of their beauty as the main focus is on everything related to the baby. Hair care tends to take a backseat during this period. (To book exciting baby scan packages, visit ultrasound baby scan clinic […]

Adjust Into Your New Motherhood Without Any Problems With These Tips

As much as becoming pregnant changes your life, the real change starts once you give birth and become a mother. The nine months before that is only to prepare you for your new motherhood. Sure, you are required to take care of yourself and the baby. You also start to feel a bonding after you […]

Want To Lose Belly Fat Before It’s Too Late? Follow These Simple Tips

A lot of people even though not obese seems to carry belly fat at various degrees. Due to the increasing amount of desk job and less amount of daily exercises in this busy life, carrying belly fat is becoming quite regular. But you should be aware of this belly fat as harmful too. This belly […]

Some Common Tests That Should Positively Be Done During Pregnancy

Pregnancy requires a lot of tests as soon as you confirm it with a home test. Going to an ultrasound baby scan clinic to have some common tests is the next best step to confirm your health and your pregnancy is normal. Take a look at what these important tests are. Early Scan This is […]

Hate Cardamom? You Won’t After Reading Its Benefits

When we hate someone, we often consider that person to be an elaichi in our biryani, meaning that the person’s existence in your life is as unwelcomed and unappreciated as cardamom in biryani! Cardamom is a spice that is ardently used in Indian cuisine. We make adrak and elaichi ki chai to get rid of phlegm congestion and fatigue. We even […]

COVID-19 Essentials For Every Mum-To-Be

Hello, lovely expecting mommas in Peterborough! COVID-19 has changed our way of living and thinking. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey but Coronavirus outbreak has impacted the lives of pregnant mothers to a lot of extent. To all the expecting mothers, I would like to personally advise you to stay inside your house as much as […]