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Respect Our Planet: Life Lessons left behind by Super Cyclone Amphan (Part 2)

To Be Continued…… Be a responsible traveler   We should aim at burning less fuel as far as possible. So start traveling responsibly, say no to cars wherever possible. Alternatively, choose a sustainable way to travel according to the distance. For example, make use of shared cabs instead of solo drives, use public transport such […]

Child Labour Day: Little Ways To Prevent Child Labour

Children are our future leaders. It breaks my heart to see them working in chai ki dukaan, thelas, dhabas, small street-side hotels and sometimes even inside someone’s household. It’s 2020 and we still haven’t eradicated child labour completely from our nation. A child deserves an education, not labour. According to The Child labour (Prohibitions and […]

10 Things For You To Do While Staying In The Self-Quarantine

It’s probably been a week since you have self-quarantined yourself due to coronavirus. It is quite obvious that you must be going out of your mind. But if you look at this time a bit positively maybe you might benefit from this time out from your daily life. Think about it. You can do all […]

How To Chill During Your Home Quarantine

The entire world has been turned upside down by Covid-19 and we all have been requested to maintain social distancing to prevent ourselves from getting infected by this novel virus. Self-isolation and frequent hand washing is indeed the key to battle Wuhan Coronavirus. Private companies have allowed the employees to work from home as a […]