Child Labour Day Little Ways To Prevent Child Labour

Child Labour Day: Little Ways To Prevent Child Labour

Children are our future leaders. It breaks my heart to see them working in chai ki dukaan, thelas, dhabas, small street-side hotels and sometimes even inside someone’s household.

It’s 2020 and we still haven’t eradicated child labour completely from our nation. A child deserves an education, not labour. According to The Child labour (Prohibitions and Regulations) Act, 1986 (Article 24) of the Indian Constitution, it is illegal for children below the age of fourteen to be employed in any hazardous occupation.

Still, this does not give us the right to steal our children’s future by making them work in a non-hazardous environment, like in a household or a road-side hotel. Every child is entitled to receive nutritious food, clean drinking water, clothing, affection, privacy, security, quality education and optimum healthcare.

There’s one Bollywood movie that beautifully describes the concept of child labour on the 70 mm screen – Stanley Ka Dabba directed and produced by Amole Gupta. Now coming back to our topic, how can we prevent child labour in little ways because it’s the little things that matter the most.

Child Labour


Start with your own house

As we know, Charity begins at home, so if you want to make a change, the best place to start is from your own house. Ensure that you do not employ children below the age of 18 as your domestic helper. Refrain taking services from shops that hire under-aged workers. Tell everyone in your family to follow suit.

When you see it, stop it

If something happens in front of your eyes, it becomes your duty as a civil citizen to prohibit it. It does not matter how well you know the person, educate them on how they are responsible for child labour and how uncool and illegal this is.

Awareness is the key

Just as I’m enlightening you on child labour with the gift of words, you should do the same in the best way you fit desirable. Being cognizant and spreading knowledge is the only answer.

You can even fund local NGOs who work for the cause of prohibiting child labour. Remember, even a small donation helps.

Author Bio: I’m Juhi Pandey, a hardcore constitutionalist who wants to live in a better and kind world.