power tool injuries

Common Fortuitous Injuries Caused By Power Tools

Workplace injuries are very much common, especially caused by power equipment. Injuries mainly happen because of the misuse of the tools by the workers. For that, all the workers should be trained properly on how to use the tools to execute a safe operation. In this blog by Best Asah Marketing, the branded power tool supplier in the Philippines we would discuss some common injuries often caused by the misuse of the power tools.

1. Electric shock:

Getting electric shock while using electric tools is very much common in a workplace. Being absent-minded or being unaware of how to use electric equipment safely can be considered as the main reason for getting an electric shock at a workplace. For that, every worker should take proper precautions before starting work.


2. Eye injuries:

Debris or flying objects while using electric saws, sanders, grinders can affect the eyes of the workers. Serious and permanent eye damage can occur if not carefully handled the tools.

3. Loss of hearing:

There is power equipment that produces ear-pinching noise while working. For that, proper Personal Protective Equipment should be taken to prevent the ears from losing hearing ability.


4. Amputation:

Some equipment like forklifts, jackhammers, electric saws should be handled with 100% expertise as these tools are extremely dangerous to work with. Even a silly mistake while dealing with such tools can cause amputation.

5. Laceration:


Erroneous use of saw, drilling machine, and nail gun can puncture the skin. Such injuries need multiple stitches to fix the flesh again.

6. Burns:

The hot air produced by tools like heat guns can cause severe burning on the skin.


7. Fractures:

Wrongly dealing with heavy-weight power tools can bring severe fractures of bones.

8. Lung damage:

It is quite weird but true that lung damage can occur due to working with specific tools without taking precautions. Asthma, bronchitis, and other lung diseases can prevail because of the exposure to dust coming from wood-cutting tools.

Most of these above-mentioned injuries caused by power equipment stand disastrous sometimes. In order to avoid such nuisance at a workplace, all the workers who are about to deal with such pieces of machinery should be provided proper training. For domestic or DIY purposes, the user should be properly trained on how to operate these tools so that he/she does not get into any trouble due to the wrong use of tools.


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