Covid-19: How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health If You’re Pregnant

Covid-19 has made all of us crazy, no literally we all are losing our minds. We all have been told to lock ourselves inside our homes because social distancing is the only way out to combat this gruesome situation. Only essential services are opened in UK – hospitals, ultrasound baby scan clinics, pharmacy, and grocery stores.

This situation has become more dangerous for pregnant women. As a pregnant woman, you have to be more careful about your mental and physical health. Mental health has become worst due to the home quarantine. First, the pregnancy hormones and second, the home quarantine, yes, it truly sucks! So, today, I’m gonna share some ways through which you can take care of your mental health when you’re pregnant and on home quarantine due to Covid-19 outbreak.

Practice your hobby

Hobbies have become officially dead, thanks to our modern lifestyle. Well, if you’re with a bump you hardly get time to practice your hobbies as you’re constantly balancing your work life as well as your personal life. So, now, let no one come between you and your favourite hobby. If you love to read, well now is the time to binge-read all the classics!

Do not self-isolate

The NHS told us to practice social distancing, not self-isolation. We live in a digital world and connecting with anyone only takes seconds! Call or video call your near and dear ones. Share the joys of your pregnancy even during this difficult Covid-19 time.

Do self-relaxation techniques

Mental health requires a positive mind. Practice deep breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation to have a clear mind.

Remember, your thoughts have an impact on your baby inside the womb. What you think, you become. Keep a positive outlook and do not become anxious. You can visit your ultrasound baby scan clinic for necessary early pregnancy scans.

Author Bio: Hi to all. My name’s Pamela Taylor and I live in Aylesbury with my only child and husband. I love writing blogs on pregnancy and parenting so expecting and new parents, don’t forget to follow my blog!