Friendship Day 2020: Dear Pals, Thanks For Loving Me At My Darkest

Friendship Day 2020: Dear Pals, Thanks For Loving Me At My Darkest

Happy Friendship Day to the one reading my blog. Today is the day when we celebrate the two most beautiful things in life – love and friendship. Friends make any journey memorable and enjoyable. There are certain things that you can only share with your chaddi-buddies, for instance, your crushes, your first kiss, the teacher who exasperates you because he or she is always partial, and who you’re about to shag! 😛

I’ve always been a reserved person who only talks when she needs to. Of course, I struggled a lot during my school life because of groupism. Yeah, there’s nepotism and then there’s groupism that was extremely prevalent in my school. I was the kind of girl who would sit on the last bench and mind her own business. Yeah, when others were busy gossiping as the teacher wasn’t in the class, I used to be the odd one out writing notes and making to-do lists. I’m the kind of person who believes in quality over quantity, so I always chose my friends cautiously and I still do that even today! I’m lucky enough to have some amazing people who I can proudly call friends. This blog is dedicated to those lovely homo sapiens who were kind enough to deal with a “drama queen” like me!

Dear pals, due to COVID-19, we can’t hang out and have a good time 🙁 but we can surely meet virtually and trust me we’ll once I finish this blog. Consider this blog my way of expressing gratitude to the love and support you unconditionally gave me through years. 🙂

Friendship Day

Friendship Day 2020: Dear Pals, Thanks For Loving Me At My Darkest

Thank you, Sarnali! We know each other since class VI and you’ve given me nothing but support and kind words. Also, won’t forget the notes you gave me in school and college. Tumhare bina mera kya hota!

Thank you, Manish! I know you since class 11 but unfortunately, we have lost touch recently due to weird reasons. I started my college journey with you and I’m still grateful to you for helping me out during my college days. If you’re reading this, know that you’ve always been a great friend of mine. I still cherish you a lot.

Thank you, Aditya! If there’s one good thing this 2020 gave me, it’s you! Thanks for listening to my endless rants, most of the time I jump from one topic to another. Thanks for being so patient and understanding. Thanks for boosting and cheering me up when I was at my lowest.

I would also like to thank my non-human friends – my books and my ducks. You made my life worth living. Dear readers, let’s celebrate friendship and make this world a place where there’s no scope of trolling and online bullying. Accept everyone and make this world an incredible place.

Author Bio: Juhi Pandey! The girl definitely not living next door.