Hate Cardamom? You Won’t After Reading Its Benefits

When we hate someone, we often consider that person to be an elaichi in our biryani, meaning that the person’s existence in your life is as unwelcomed and unappreciated as cardamom in biryani!

Cardamom is a spice that is ardently used in Indian cuisine. We make adrak and elaichi ki chai to get rid of phlegm congestion and fatigue. We even use this fragrant spice in curries, sweets, desserts, pulao, and biryani to amplify the taste. Most of us out of habit hate the presence of cardamom in our rice dishes and desserts. But do you know? The humble cardamom that you blatantly throw away can do a lot for your health? As per expert medical professionals from the best hospitals in Varanasi, cardamom is one of the best spices for ensuring good health.

Do you really hate cardamom? Allow me to convince you otherwise by telling you some amazing benefits of this lovely spice. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Excellent For Digestion


Cardamom has been proven to ensure good digestion by giving the body relief from common digestive problems – gas, bloating, constipation, etc.

Good For Weight Loss


As per several studies, cardamom helps in boosting the body’s metabolism and burns excess fat so that you achieve your goal of losing weight easily and efficiently.

Gives No Chance To Bad Breath


Cardamom has a very strong and sweet fragrance. Due to that, it is often used as and in a mouth freshener. Just chew one entire pod of cardamom and say adios to bad breath!

Busts Stress And Anxiety


This spice can be a mood booster and stress buster. Talking from my personal experience, cardamom did improve my mood instantly and relaxed my nerves, so, yes, it worked for me.

Body’s Ultimate Detoxifier


Cardamom encourages your kidneys to detoxify the body by properly removing uric acid, urea, toxins, and other waste products from the body. It acts as your body’s ultimate detoxifier!

So, have you fallen in love with cardamom? At least, put this spice on friendzone! Eat healthily, drink healthily, and get regular health checkups from the best hospital in Varanasi.

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Author Bio: I’m Juhi Pandey! You can rely on me to give you correct and condensed information on anything related to health, nutrition, lifestyle, and medical science.