Here’s Why You Should Eat Apricots During Pregnancy 

When pregnancy happens, life takes a 360° turn much to your surprise. Most pregnant women get worried about their baby’s growth and development and that is why it is recommended to all expecting mothers living in Watford to eat well and get regular ultrasound scans from a well-reputed baby scan clinic in Watford.

Out of all superfoods considered great for pregnancy, apricots always get ignored. Apricots should be a part of your pregnancy diet because they are rich in vitamins and minerals required for the ultimate nourishment of your baby. In this blog, you will get to know some best benefits of apricots that will convince you to make them a part of your pregnancy diet.

Apricots can do the following wonders to you and your baby’s health.

Excellent for healthy vision 

Apricots are super rich in vitamin A, the vitamin responsible for healthy vision. 100 grams of dried apricots have near about 3,604 IU whereas normal apricots contain approximately 1,926 IU of vitamin A.

Good for preventing preeclampsia

Uncontrolled hypertension can lead to preeclampsia so if your blood pressure always falls on an abnormally high range, consider consuming apricots as they contain a whole lot of potassium that will help in regulating your hypertension.

Checks anaemia

Pregnant women are more at risk of suffering from anaemia. Dried apricots (100 g) contain 2.7 mg of iron and are ideal for consumption during pregnancy.

Eases constipation

Constipation is sometimes a regular occurrence for some women during pregnancy. Dried apricots have pectin and cellulose that can provide instant relief in constipation.

Amazing for the heart

Apricots reduce the bad cholesterol in the body and help in ensuring proper functioning of you and your baby’s heart.

Strengthen the bones 

After dairy, apricots need your special attention if you want your baby’s bones to be properly developed. There are 13 mg of calcium in 100 grams of apricots and when we talk of dried apricots, they contain almost 55 mg of calcium.

Aren’t apricots amazing? Would you still not include apricots in your pregnancy diet? You can have dried apricots in any form you like, be it dried or in fruit from. Apricots can be consumed during breakfast with cereal or during snacks.

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