Solar Water Heater

High-pressure or low-pressure Solar Water Heater? Which One To Choose?

There are 2 types of solar water heaters – pressure and non-pressure models. Pressure models, also known as high-pressure solar water heaters, means that the water in the tank is under high pressure. This pressure is equal to the pressure of tap water. The non-pressure model, known as low-pressure solar water heaters, means water in the tank is under low pressure. This pressure is equal to the gravity of the water. Here we will talk about the pros and cons of both these solar water heaters.

Advantages of low-pressure solar water heater –

  • Non-pressure models have no moving parts, thus, they are simple to maintain.
  • It is cheaper than a high-pressure model.
  • Owing to its low pressure, it can run for a longer time compared to a high-pressure model.
  • These types of solar heaters can provide hot water without the help of any external power and they are also very lightweight.
  • They are highly effective to convert sunlight into heat.

Disadvantages of low-pressure solar water heater –

  • It can only be used where there is a small head of pressure and has limited uses with the modern plumbing system.
  • The water will be very less unless it is installed at a high level above the water outlets.
  • It can lead to serious scalding if not used properly.
  • Your roof might need additional support as all the weight of the water heater will be carried by your roof itself.
  • Even if one glass tube breaks, the entire solar water heating system needs to be shut down.
  • A non-pressure model can break very easily.

Advantages of high-pressure solar water heater –

  • For this type of solar heaters, the water pressure can be very high.
  • Sometimes they can be retrofitted in order to use existing storage tanks.
  • The tanks can be installed in more accessible areas.
  • They are more robust than a low-pressure model.

Disadvantages of high-pressure solar water heater –

  • The price of a high-pressure solar heater is higher than a low-pressure model.
  • You might need to install a photovoltaic module as models might require power to run the pump and temperature differential controller.

After going through the reviews of the customers, it has been seen that high-pressure models have more demand than a low-pressure solar water heater. However, the installation of a high-pressure model will be costlier than the installation of a low-pressure model. But this can prove beneficial for you in long run. The price difference might sway some people away to go for a low-pressure water heater but it is suggested to take a high-pressure model. Imagine how annoying it will be to take a shower and the hot water keeps dripping instead of a heavy strong flow!

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