Domestic Water Storage Tank

How Important Is The Colour Black For A Domestic Water Storage Tank?

For years, black has been the most used colour for a plastic water tank. People don’t normally go for different colour if black is available while buying a domestic water storage tank. But in recent years, more and more colourful tanks have started to become available and people are steering towards them. Doubts and arguments often occur whether the black colour is the most effective for a tank or other colours can have an effect too. Read on to find out how much important black colour is for a water tank.

Before that, you need to understand why black used to be the chosen colour for water tanks. After all, a colourful tank adds an aesthetic look to the home. But the colour black is actually used to make to tank safe for storing water for a long time.

Your domestic water storage tank can supply water throughout the home. It can be used for various purposes like cooking, taking a shower, washing, drinking, etc. It is important to have clean and freshwater for all these activities. This is where the importance of black colour comes in.

You cannot keep the tank clean every day and it is not economically feasible. This is why the water tanks were made in black colour in order to prevent the growth of algae inside the tank whenever it comes in contact with sunlight. The black colour minimizes the amount of sunlight that can enter the tank by absorbing most of it.

But the reason people started to look for other colours as well is that there is a huge disadvantage of using the colour black. As much as it keeps the water fresh and clean, it also changes the temperature of the water. By absorbing so much sunlight, it heats up the water in the tank, especially for those who live near the equator.

Therefore, the black colour is no longer important for a water tank. So, if you want to, go ahead and buy a domestic water storage tank with a colour that will match your home.

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