Plastic Water Storage Tank

How Layering of A Plastic Water Storage Tank Can Affect The Quality of Water?

Water tanks are the primary means to store water in India. This water can be used for various purposes like drinking, cooking, irrigation, agriculture, etc. Plastic water storage tanks are created keeping in mind the 3 main factors – the material of the tank, design of the tank, and the lining of the tank. Usually, water storage tanks are kept outdoors and hence they are prone to many natural extremities like rain, dust, heat, storm, etc. These extremities might lead to the growth of pests, bacteria, or viruses within your tank. Therefore, be very careful and make a wise decision while buying a water storage tank.

A tank can be made up of any kind of material like plastic, concrete, fiberglass, stone, etc. Among them, the plastic water storage tank is the most familiar one. A poly water tank has several advantages and thus it is so popular. Some of the advantages of a poly tank are – it has a smooth texture and so it is very easy to maintain a poly tank, it is very lightweight compared to other types of tanks and lastly, poly tanks are very economical to purchase.

While opting for a domestic or commercial water storage tank one must consider its color as color is also a very important factor. Light-colored water tanks are more preferred for household purposes as they can keep the heat out. Black colored tanks can absorb sun rays and make the water warm. Also, there are many aesthetic reasons for which different colors are used for water tanks.

The maintenance of your water tank depends on the choice of the water tank. However, regular maintenance is very important to keep the tank free from germs and pests. Incorporating multiple layers can be a popular solution to curb the hassle of maintenance. Different kinds of water tanks have different numbers of layering. There are mainly 4 types of layering of a water tank –

  • Single layered – These tanks have a single layer of plastic and are not UV protected. They cannot protect the tank from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and can also lead to the growth of algae inside the tank.
  • Double layered – These tanks have two layers of insulation. The first layer is the outermost layer and resists abrasions. The second layer protects the tank from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Triple-layered – These tanks consist of an outer layer that prevents UV rays from entering into the tank and another layer enhances the visibility of the interior of the tank.
  • Fourth layered – These tanks are the most costly ones. It has 3 layers of plastic and one layer of polyurethane foam. The polyurethane foam helps in maintaining the temperature of the water.

Therefore, we can see that layering has a lot of impact on the quality of water. If you want to install a water tank in Kolkata, know the prevailing climate of the city first. For further details you can take suggestions from the well-known water tank manufacturers in India.

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