How To Bond With Your Unborn Baby During Home Quarantine

Every pregnant woman tries different measures to bond with her unborn sweetheart. However, I still consider getting an ultrasound from a baby scan clinic tops it all. Due to this home quarantine because of COVID-19, pregnant women in Watford can only go out to visit their ultrasound baby scan clinic for necessary medical scans.

Since we all are home-quarantined, expecting parents are left with sufficient time to bond with their unborn cuties. Ultrasound baby scan clinics play a vital role in bonding the unborn baby with his or her parents. But there are other ways to bond with your unborn sweetheart as mentioned below:

Loud Reading

Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic

Reading aloud to your unborn baby during pregnancy is surely gonna bring more than the bonding between the two of you. When you read during pregnancy, you not only improve your relationship with your little angel but you also allow your baby to be smart as a whip.

Fetal Doppler

Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic

Yes, I love this device. Fetal dopplers allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat at home. The more I listen to my baby’s voice, the more I fall in love with her. Although, it is strictly not a substitute for your regular ultrasound scans. So, yes, you still need to visit your ultrasound baby scan clinic.

Gentle Belly Massages

Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic

This nine months waiting period is too much for a mother’s heart to handle. Whenever I want to feel connected with my baby, I gently rub my baby and wonder how it would feel like to hold her in my arms for the first time.


Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic

It might seem weird but I enjoy talking to my unborn baby. She seems to love it as whenever I talk to her, she responds by kicking softly.

The above ways helped me to bond better with my unborn sweetheart. You can try them out too if you’re pregnant and on home quarantine. Do not forget getting regular ultrasound screening even during this pandemic outbreak. Book your next ultrasound appointment at Ultrasound Baby Scanning Services Watford.



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