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How To Eat Different Foods Without Gaining Weight During Lockdown?

Unfortunately, this is a very bad time which we are living in. Stepping outside the house has become a risk. India is right now dealing with more than two lakh cases of COVID-19 where at least 8000 new cases are getting reported every day. But staying at home for the last five months has become quite boring where we are not even able to eat our favourite restaurant foods. But still, we can eat various foods that we love to eat without taking any risk and most of all without gaining weight. After all, obesity treatment even though possible can still become a risk if you gain weight. Here is how you can eat your favourite foods.

Always Start Your Day With A Healthy Breakfast

Whatever you wish to eat throughout the day, you should always eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. Skipping it is not at all recommended, especially when you are at home all day and you are most likely to binge-eat. So, make sure your breakfast has all kinds of nutrients for you.

Craving Sweets

Are you craving sweets after not eating it for a few months? We are not against you eating any type of sweets unless you are a diabetic. But you should follow one little rule when eating sweets which is eat them in the morning after breakfast when you start to feel hungry again. Do not eat any sweets after dinner. If you eat them in the morning, you will get time to digest them and with whatever activities you are doing you will get plenty of time to lose those calories too.

Feel Like Munching Something

If you are working from home or studying all day, it is quite common if you want to keep munching something. We all love to eat those crunchy and salty Indian snacks. But as much they make us feel good, they are also effective in making you gain weight. These are all made with a lot of oil and ghee which once reach our stomach can become fat quite quickly. So, try to avoid eating them every day. 2-3 days a week is enough to satisfy your cravings and eat them before 8 pm to digest well. also, drink lots of water before and after eating them.

As long as they are mostly healthy foods, you don’t have anything to worry about. You can eat all types of foods if you are willing to make them at home. It has been observed that same type of food can have a different effect on your body as long as it is homemade and not bought from a shop where there is no guarantee of the quality of the food. But if you do gain weight, you can choose the option of obesity treatment in India.

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