How To Enjoy Father’s Day If You’re Pregnant And Home Quarantined 

This year, Father’s Day won’t be the same because of Corona outbreak that has compelled all of us in Watford to stay indoors as much as possible. However, if you’re pregnant, you can go out to get your sonography done from an ultrasound baby scan clinic.

Pregnant and home quarantined with your partner and kids on father’s day? Don’t worry, you can still have plenty of fun even inside the confines of your home.

Have a hearty breakfast or brunch

Father's Day

As we often say, eat your breakfast like a king, well today is the day to treat the king of your house with a hearty breakfast and brunch. Some breakfast or brunch ideas for Father’s Day are Greek Lemon Chicken with Potatoes; Frittata; Bacon, Eggs, and Muffins; Chicken Casserole; Classic British Fish and Chips and so on.

Go down the memory lane

Take out the old photo albums and reminisce the good ole’ days with your partner and kids. Be happy and excited because a new member is about to make his or mark in the family!

Bake homemade goodies

It’s time to pat a cake! Bake delicious homemade baked treats with your kids to let the dad know how much he means to everyone in the family!

Arrange a backyard barbecue night

Trust me, nobody denies a juicy steak! Home quarantine has given us the gift of a little extra time which we can utilize to do things that we always wanted to do! This Father’s Day, arrange a backyard barbecue night and enjoy a good evening!

Don’t let this pandemic outbreak stop you and your kids from celebrating Daddy’s day! Shower him with love and care.

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