Water Safety

Importance Of Ensuring Water Safety During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Ensuring your safety comes in many forms when it comes to the COVID-19 virus. It’s not just your hands that you are required to sanitise. Maintaining cleanliness in your surrounding is the way to stay safe. That means not only your house or your building but also the foods you are buying and the water you are drinking. Water sanitisation has become a big concern in this pandemic. Whether you are using the water from a common area or the water from your plastic water storage tank, the sanitisation of this water should be taken care of. There are several reasons why the safety of water supply has become an issue of concern in this pandemic.

Whether it’s the rural area or the urban area, water supply has already become a problem in many areas. The inadequacy of water supply has made a bad impact on hygiene and cleanliness and rising the number of people getting infected with the virus. In urban areas, the slum areas cannot maintain social distancing while getting water from a common area. There are more chances of transmissions at these common areas when people come into contact with several surfaces like taps, hand pump handles, and also the source of water. In rural areas, the situation is much worse as the water supply system might not be developed enough to get clean water all the time. It is not possible to maintain social distancing all the time while standing in the line to collect water.

People from the middle class family who uses plastic water storage tank might have it better than others where water gets supplied from a common tank but they all have individual access to it. But, even then sanitisation is required to maintain, especially from where the water is getting supplied. It is also being advised by experts that you should clean your plastic water storage tank at least once a month to stay extra cautious. These tanks are quite easy to clean at home.

So, if you are maintaining sanitisation and social distancing all the time, then take care of your safety for water too. Drink and use only clean water all the time. Whether you can be infected through water or not, it is still best to stay safe.

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