Importance Of Visiting The Leicester Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic

Importance Of Visiting The Leicester Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic

Pregnancy means happiness for all mothers. With the two blue or red lines, it can certainly change a woman’s life. The next few months will be both hectic and exciting at the same time. buying the first baby cloth, visiting the ultrasound baby scan clinic for the first time, listening to the heartbeat for the first time, etc. are all the things that you will certainly enjoy. Having an ultrasound scan is a choice that every mother should make. An early scan is a way to know for sure that you have a normal pregnancy and when your baby will be born. Leicester ultrasound baby scan clinic is a great place to have your early scan for the first time during your pregnancy.



Knowing the well-being of the baby is one of the essentials that a pregnant woman should do. Screening tests for identifying any issues early on which might be harmful to the baby or the mother is required. There are various other disadvantages of ultrasound scans. There are usually two or three types of scans. One is an early scan and the other one is fetal health scan. There is no special permission required for undergoing this type of baby scan. Any pregnant lady can undergo this scan and track the development of the baby from time to time. The mechanism that is followed in this process is a series of sound waves are sent to the mother’s womb under professional supervision and about the soundwave’s response an image is generated on the attached screen. The image resembles the child and reflects the movement in real-time.

An early scan is for those who are in their first trimester. From week 6 to week 10 of pregnancy you can choose this scan to know the current situation of your pregnancy and you will also be able to know when your due date is. The fetal health scan can be accessed from week 16 to week 42 where everything about the baby’s growth and development can be known. You will also be able to know the gender of your baby if you want.

The question of safety is one of the most questions that is asked. Safety is a priority for every pregnant woman. All the tests are carried out under professional guidance to ensure that nothing affects the mother or the child. Therefore, you can visit the Leicester ultrasound baby scan clinic as soon as you find out you are pregnant. It is a choice that you should not overlook.

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