In Constant Stress? Your Gynaecological Health Has Something To Say

Stress is indeed the thief of joy. Being a woman is powerful and apprehensive at the same time. As a woman, we deal with various things in our daily life. Obviously, when we wear so many hats every day (thanks to societal norms of expecting so much from the fairer sex), stress becomes inevitable and a completely normal inclusion. Many research studies show that women are more likely to call out the symptoms of stress than men. Yes, we experience more stress than men.

Not only our mental health but our gynaecological health suffers due to chronic stress. According to expert gynaecologists in Kolkata, stress has a huge impact on pregnancy and overall health of a woman.

So, how stress is affecting your gynaecological health? The answer lies down below.

Disturbs the menstrual cycle

Pregnancy Problems

Stress disturbs your body’s oestrogen levels and due to that your natural menstrual cycle is affected. When your menstrual cycle gets disrupted, you get irregular and even missed periods.

Interferes with pregnancy

Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy is all about big changes in the body, life, and mind. Progesterone, the hormone associated with pregnancy brings about enormous changes in a woman. When you stress while being pregnant, you make your pregnancy symptoms (for instance, morning sickness, fatigue, constipation, body aches) worse. Stress is not only bad for the mother but also the baby. Women who constantly stress during their pregnancy give birth to underweight and premature babies.

Diminishes libido


Yes, ladies. Stress can mess with your sex life too. The scientific reason behind low libido caused by chronic stress is the fact that stress makes your body produce more cortisol (stress hormone), hence less sexual appetite.

Decreases fertility


This is purely a research-backed theory. It has been said that seriously stressed women suffer from infertility – the plain reason being low production of oestrogen due to stress and anxiety.

 So, how to know you’re stressed? Well, your body will tell you:

  • Headaches

  • Acne breakouts 

  • Fatigue

  • Poor memory 

  • Lack of interest in anything

  • Undereating or overeating

  • Insomnia

  • Anger issues 

  • Drug or alcohol abuse

And what would do if you’re stressed? Two golden words – just chill! Do not stress over petty things and whenever you feel stressed and anxious, instead of bottling your emotions, talk to a trusted individual. If needed, talk to a professional therapist about your life. Practice the art of healthy living and treat yourself with kindness. Also, get gynaecological health checkups annually from trusted gynaecologists in Kolkata.

Author Bio: I’m Juhi Pandey, the one who loves to research and write on health and wellness!