Must You Have The Baby Scan Offers in Aylesbury

Must You Have The Baby Scan Offers in Aylesbury

There are various Baby Scan Offers in Aylesbury for pregnant women. But do you have to have a scan during pregnancy? Most women in Aylesbury have at least one baby scan or ultrasound during pregnancy. However, you don’t necessarily have to have one yourself if you don’t see the need. Scans usually give very useful and important information about the pregnancy, and you may find them reassuring as well.

If your midwife recommends that you have a scan but you would not want to have any, then you should ask her to offer explanation on why she insists. However, you will always be the one to make the final decision as the scan can only be performed with your consent.

Baby Scan Offers in Aylesbury


What if the scan shows any problem?


It is natural to be worried if your scan suggests or shows that there could be a problem with the baby. At times, a clear diagnosis, such as for spina bifida, could be made from the scan.
The scan may also show minor changes or variants that are often nothing to be worried about. Sometimes, though, these minor changes could be signs of something that could be more serious, like Down’s syndrome.

The sonographer might find something unusual during the scan. When they do, they will should refer you for further examination and they should recommend that you see a doctor within 24 hours. Sometimes, if need be, they may refer you to a fetal medicine specialist. This should usually happen within 3 to 5 days.

Ones your sonographer refers you to a doctor, your doctor may offer to perform a further test on you. They may curry out amniocentesis or CVS. These can usually provide you with a definite answer and tell you whether your little one has any chromosomal abnormalities like Down’s syndrome or not. However, these tests may increase your risk of miscarriage. This is why an ultrasound scan should always be performed first.

In case a scan shows a serious problem, you will need more support and guidance on all the options available. Although serious problems are usually very are, there are some families that are often faced with making the difficult choice of whether to terminate or continue the pregnancy. Your doctor will advise you accordingly.

Other problems revealed by scans may mean that your baby needs surgery either while still in the womb or after birth. Or you may have to get prepared for the possibility of having a baby that needs special care after birth. You will have a whole range of specialist to give you support through it, including obstetrician, pediatricians, midwives, and physiotherapists.

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