Obesity One Of The Major Reason For Death During The Pandemic

Obesity: One Of The Major Reason For Death During The Pandemic

If you take a look at the world statistics regarding the cases of the COVID-19, you will notice that the death rate is a lot higher in the USA and Italy than it is in India. As of today, if you compare the USA and India, the number of deaths in our country is merely around 6000 whereas in the USA it is around 112000, which is quite unimaginable. It is not as if the virus is not spreading in our country but rather most of them are recovering quite well. If you are wondering what is the reason, then the answer is quite simple. Among all the reasons, Bariatric surgery experts are saying that one major reason is obesity and obesity-related diseases. We all know the USA is known for obesity. Most people are suffering from obesity or obesity-related diseases like kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, etc. When your immunity is already low due to obesity, it can make it hard for people to survive in this pandemic.



So, does that mean India is not suffering from obesity?

Certainly not. Over recent years, it has been seen that obesity has not only become a disease in the middle class and upper-class family but also in the lower class family too. But, it is true compared to the USA, the people of India has a lot better immunity. Even then, it has been regularly reported that among the number of deaths in India, unless it is someone who is a senior citizen, the major reason of their death has been some other health problems making their immunity low. It can be a kidney problem, heart problem, liver problem or diabetes, all of these can lead to death in case you get infected with the virus. We know that all these complications in most cases occur due to obesity. For example, type 2 diabetes due to obesity and COVID-19 can be a very deadly combination making it hard for a patient to survive.

So, what is the solution?

Simple. Reduce your weight as soon as possible. In order to survive in this pandemic, you need to make your immunity strong. So, if you are an individual suffering from obesity, your first step should be to bring your BMI to a normal level. Of course, regular diet and exercises can be a lot of help in reducing your weight. But if you are not getting any result from them, it is time to opt for bariatric surgery. So, choose the best private clinic, make sure to minimize the chances of infection from COVID-19 and get your bariatric surgery done as soon as possible.

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