Domestic Solar Water Heater

 Planning To Buy A Domestic Solar Water Heater? Read These Tips

Solar water heating solutions have captured the market in recent times. This technology has developed a lot in the past 100 years in order to reduce global carbon footprints. This system is very economical and efficient as it helps to cut down the electricity bill. In some countries, solar water heaters are as common as antennas. But a solar water heater is not as simple as an electric water heater that you use in your home. It consists of several components. They are – a solar thermal collector, a water storage tank, a circulator pump, a temperature controller, and an electric booster. You should consider the following tips before buying a domestic solar water heater –

Check if your site is suitable

First, you should check if your roof is suitable for installing a solar water heater. Your roof should receive direct sunlight between 10 AM to 4 PM, throughout the entire year. Make sure your roof is south facing. If you find that your roof is not compatible with a solar water heating solution but the land beside your home is compatible enough, you can do the installation there as well.

Find out what type of system meets your needs

Different types of solar water heaters are available in the market. Analyze the temperature of the area where you are staying and then select the best water heater for yourself. Also, keep a track of the water that you are using daily. Depending upon that you should select the capacity of your solar water heater.

Contact a solar manufacturer

It is always suggested to visit only renowned solar water heater manufacturers in West Bengal to get the best solar water heating solution. A trusted manufacturer should assess your site before installation and should provide you with proper recommendations (if needed). As it has been already mentioned that a solar water heater is complicated than an electric water heater, it needs a trained hand for the installation. A layman may not be able to install it properly and you might have to spend more money on a faulty installation.

After installing the solar water heater, the main concern is its maintenance. Perform regular checks to ensure if the collector is clean and the wirings and piping are well connected. Maintain your solar water heater properly and then only it can run up to 25 years, lowering your electricity bill.

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