Water Tank in Kolkata

Points To Consider While Purchasing A Water Tank In Kolkata

Buying a water tank is not an easy task as you have to consider a lot of facts while purchasing one. Many people get confused while buying a water tank in Kolkata. Things like dimensions, gallons, color everything has to be considered otherwise you might end up buying the wrong tank which might not serve your purpose. It is important to understand the basics before purchasing the right water tank –

Shape and size

Depending upon the application you have to choose the shape and size of the tank. Well, the most commonly used tanks are round in shape. This is because a round-shaped tank is stronger to withstand the outward-directed force of the water. Also, the water in a round water tank remain less affected by ambient temperature.

UV Protection

Do not keep it directly under the sunlight. During winter afternoon you might enjoy the warm water while bathing but the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can result in the growth of algae in your tank. So, place your tank accordingly preferably in a place where there is no direct contact with the sunlight. Always select a UV protected water tank to ensure the quality of water that is stored inside.


A plastic water tank can hold 50 gallons to 20000 gallons of water. If you want to buy a tank for the household purpose you need a tank of low capacity as your amount of water consumption will be less, whereas if you are planning to set up a tank for commercial use then you must go for a tank which can hold a huge amount of water within it. So depending upon your consumption rate you should decide the capacity of your tank while buying.


There are different color options, especially in case of a plastic water tank. Some common colors of a plastic water tank include black, green, blue, white, etc. Dark color tanks help to prevent sunlight from entering into the tank, thus protecting it from algae growth.

Next time when you are planning to buy a new tank, take these points into consideration as this will help you to make the right decision and will also be cost-effective for you in long run. Still, if you are confused you can consult to a renowned water tank manufacturer in West Bengal.

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