Benefits of Yoga

Practice Yoga To Cope Being Quarantined At Home

We all have been home quarantined to avoid the transmission of Coronavirus. Many scientists are working day and night to find the ultimate vaccine for Covid-19. The entire nation is on lockdown and only essential services are opened, like grocery stores, hospitals, pharmacy. Since we still do not have the vaccine or antidote yet, we have to be on our guard and inside our homes.

Staying at home can take a toll on your physical and mental health. But, don’t worry, Yoga is always there to help you out. According to many expert medical professionals working in well-reputed hospitals, there are several benefits of practising yoga at home.

The practise of yoga can be traced back to ancient India. Practising yoga was a substantial part of the era. The yogis knew the massive advantages of yoga on the human body and mind. So, let’s talk about how yoga can prove beneficial for you if you’re home-quarantined.

Yoga in home

Posture Improver

If there’s one thing that improves your posture, it’s yoga. Practising yoga poses, like cobra pose, warrior pose (both warrior I and II), mountain pose, bow pose etc can improve the body’s posture.

Immunity Booster

If not now then when would be the right time to take your immune system seriously? It has been observed that Coronaviruses attack the body with low immunity power. Doing yoga daily helps the body to fight off infections and seasonal colds naturally.

Yoga home

Pain Reliever

If you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, trust yoga to be your natural pain reliever. It might sound bizarre but yoga can cure your aching muscles if practised correctly.

Insomnia Fighter

Do you suffer from insomnia? No matter how much you try and toss in the bed, you still can’t fall asleep? Do yoga poses, like child’s pose, queen pose, and corpse pose, to catch some Zzzz.

Yoga home

Stress and Depression Buster

We are social beings. Therefore, to stay confined in homes is not our default nature. Home confinement can take a heavy toll on your mind. It can make you irritated and anxious at times. Yoga is anti-stress and anti-depression so ensure to practice yoga regularly!

Hence proven, yoga can be your best friend during this home quarantine. Do not go outside your house. Consider home delivery of essential goods. However, if you have any medical emergencies, you can visit any good hospitals in Kolkata to get medical assistance.

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