Pregnancy? Cool! Stretch Marks? Definitely Not Okay!

Hello to all lovely expecting mommas in Watford! Hope everything is alright and rocking. Pregnancy is such an amazing and delightful experience that if my vagina allows I would become pregnant every year. Hehe! Anyway, jokes apart! There is one damn thing that I so so much hate about pregnancy and that would be stretch marks. I’m the kind of momma who loves wearing crop tops so yeah I do not feel comfortable showing my stretch marks to the public. Okay, don’t get me wrong please! I am extremely proud of my stretch marks and wear them as a badge of honour but that does not mean I would not try hard for them to disappear.

I used to have severe stretch marks but thankfully my stretch marks have been reduced by taking some measures. Today I would like to share how I reduced the appearance of my stretch marks so if you wanna know then continue reading further.

I’m the kind of person who believes in home remedies. I know for sure that home remedies take a hell lot of amount to work but in the long run, they are the best and worth your time. I followed the same rule for treating my stretch marks. I made a homemade stretch mark cream that has effectively reduced my stretch marks to a great extent. Allow me to share my favourite DIY stretch mark cream recipe.

  • Take a bowl. Add 1 cup shea butter, 1 cup virgin coconut oil, and 4-5 tbsps aloe vera gel (either store-bought or fresh).

  • Add 1 tbsp vitamin E oil and 2 tbsps sweet almond oil.

  • Stir the mixture well.

  • Heat the mixture by using the double-boiler method.

  • Store the stretch mark cream in a clean container.

Now, let’s come to the application part of this cream. You should apply this homemade stretch mark cream three times a day. Let me remind you to not be a miser with this DIY cream, yeah, you are supposed to apply this cream in a generous amount during each application. Hopefully, your stretch marks will fade after 2-3 months. If you don’t have that much patience and want quick results then you should rather buy a ready-made stretch mark cream. I have seen some people who have tried them and found them to be wonderful. Let me give you the names of some good stretch mark creams in the market – Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks, and Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Oil. There are other brands too making superb stretch mark creams so try the one you like and find best.

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