Pregnancy Hygiene Tips

Pregnant? Home Quarantined? Follow These Hygiene Tips

Coronavirus, the officially declared pandemic has created a ruckus in our lives. The entire UK is in lockdown and Watford is no exception. In this pandemic situation, all you need is social distancing and good hygiene. You need to pay special attention to your hygiene if you’re pregnant with a baby. On top of that, maintain social distancing by going out only during medical emergencies and for important ultrasound baby scan clinic’s appointments.

So, let’s look into the necessary hygiene tips you must follow if you’re with a bump.

Keep your hands clean

Wash Hands

This is one of the basic hygiene tips that need to be hammered in everyone’s head. Coronaviruses are not visible to the human eye and can get inside your body if your infected hands touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. So, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with a good liquid handwash and clean water at all times. If washing hands is not possible then use a 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer albeit washing hands is more preferable.

Keep your surroundings hygienic


To keep your surroundings clean, you need to keep all your doorknobs, surfaces, and the corner area of your house sanitized. Disinfect electronics, groceries, and other purchased items that you bring inside your house with a disinfectant cleaner. I would rather suggest you to throw the carton and wrappers of the products immediately after bringing them home.

Cook hygienically

Take special hygiene precautions while cooking. Wash your vegetables and meat thoroughly with water for two-three times. Always wash your hands before cooking. Do not order takeouts and opt for home-cooked meals.

Take extra hygiene precautions


Wear a mask and gloves while visiting your ultrasound baby scan clinic for compulsory early pregnancy scans. Follow social distancing even when you are inside the confines of your home. Ideally, you should keep 6 feet distance from others.

Social distancing is the only way we can control this COVID-19 outbreak. Always prebook your emergency ultrasound baby scans online. You can book your early pregnancy scans from the Watford ultrasound baby scan clinic.

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