Respect Our Planet Life Lessons left behind by Super Cyclone Amphan (Part 1)

Respect Our Planet: Life Lessons left behind by Super Cyclone Amphan (Part 1)

A horrific super cyclone Amphan made landfall and destroyed The City of Joy recently. It was marked as one of the strongest cyclones in the last few decades. It left behind a trail of uprooted trees, blew off homes, and damaged powerlines. Although the loss of lives was at the minimum due to an effective strategy of disaster preparation, still it was one of the most horrifying experiences being suffered by Kolkattans. It seemed that we came out safe after touching the line of death. First Coronavirus and now Amphan, it is nothing but nature’s warning to stop exploiting our planet.
Here are some simple ways to start acting responsibly towards our planet Earth.

• Save Water

Save Water


Every drop counts- Yes it is very much true. This is the first and foremost area that requires our attention and the easiest to implement. The importance of water is understood only when it is not available in abundance. Start using water responsibly, do not keep the tap running when it is not necessary. Start doing everyday activities with limited water and stop letting it go down the drain just because it is easily available. Repair and fix leaky faucets at work and home, it will save gallons of water every day.

• Conserve energy

Conserve energy


This starts from right to our homes, e.g. replace the light bulbs with low energy LED lights. Doing so will benefit you in two ways- reduction in household bills and saving the environment. Switch off all the home appliances when not in use, do not leave them on standby mode including your phones. Switch to green energy suppliers such as solar panels, and similar.

• Give Up Plastics

Give Up Plastics


Unfortunately, we are addicted to plastic, please get rid of it. Say no to plastic shopping bags, bottled water, and everything that is made up of plastic. It’s dangerous to our health as well as to our planet. Avoiding plastic can divert a ton of waste from our oceans and landfill. Replace all plastic things at home with cloth, copper, steel, glass, wooden, bamboo, or reusable eco-friendly items.

• Plant a tree

Plant a tree


Trees provide us oxygen without which we cannot breathe. Additionally, it cleans the air around us and makes it look green and beautiful, filters the drinking water, purifies the soil, and provides habitat to many birds and animals. Fresh fruits and vegetables, medicinal ingredients, and of course employment to millions of people are all a gift of trees to us. So, plant one or two around you. If you have ample space, grow a garden that may include fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and whatnot.

• Eat natural and seasonal produce

Eat natural and seasonal produce


Eat more seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, if possible from your garden, otherwise buy as much as you can from local farmers. It helps to reduce the environmental footprints of the food by using less energy for transportation or growing. It also supports the local economy as these seasonal produces are picked at their natural taste which is more nutritious and tasty. Give away the meat and stop killing innocent animals to eat their meat, for God’s sake. This treatment is extremely brutal and quite inhuman. Spare their lives, at least.
Nature is angry after all. Start respecting nature so that there is no such circumstance, This Nature is our Planet where we live. It is our home, our life. Have some respect. And now over to you!

Author Bio: The author is a nature lover who strongly believes in saving the environment to save lives. If we care and love our environment, it will return more to us. Please do not let your greed overcome with green. Reuse, reduce and recycle to save our planet Earth.