Solar water heating System

Solar Panels Or Solar Water Heating System: Which One Is Preferable?

Solar-powered things are becoming reliable more and more for a lot of people. But, one thing that is common is that people tend to become quite confused over what to use for their home. Some choose solar panels and others choose a solar water heating system for home. One must choose based on their requirement and preference. Most importantly, these two technologies have very different functions. Although they both function with the help of sunlight and you need to install them in an open space, this is where the differences end.

Solar Panel

The basic function of solar panels is to make electricity. With the help of the photovoltaic effect, the sunlight is converted into electricity by extracting the electrons. The solar cells present in the solar panel are made from silicon which is a semiconductor material. The positive and negative layer of it creates a magnetic field. This, in turn, creates electricity. Some people like to go grid-free by installing solar panels of a bigger size. The bigger the sizes of solar panels, the more efficient they will be in producing electricity for the whole house.

Solar Water Heating System

Solar water heating system for home is completely different from the functions of solar panels or rather they seem to have only one function which is to produce hot water. But a lot of people prefer that over solar panels as using it is easier. It might not produce electricity but some places require hot water a lot. The solar water heaters use sunlight to turn it into heat energy. The solar collectors present in it comprises of pipes which collects the solar energy, turn it into heat and then transfer it to the water tank. This water tank remains filled with water which heats up with the heat energy. A bigger size solar water heater is also capable of heating a whole swimming pool.

Unlike the solar panels, a solar water heating system for home is efficient enough to absorb 80% of the solar heat. In summer, it is efficient enough to provide 90% of hot water and in winter at least 40-60% of hot water. But one thing that is common for both is that these are environment-friendly which is better than using electric water heater or normal electricity. Although both of them are using solar energy which is renewable and low-cost energy, they are equally beneficial. But solar panels are expensive than solar water heating system for the home. So, choose yours wisely.

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