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What Are The Tests Covered During The First Prenatal Visit?

Prenatal care involves various tests and exams enabling women to evaluate the growth of a baby with high accuracy. A prenatal care visit starts during the first trimester and continues until the delivery of a baby. Pregnant women should know more about the tests and exams in detail when they want to schedule a clinic […]

How Well Being Scan Clinic Helps The Mums To-Be

Becoming a mother for the first time is a special kind of sensation that both the parents-to-be can feel rather easily. They feel and share the thrilling moments while they spend time together. However, the troubles during the first pregnancy worry them a lot as well. Taking care of the baby becomes a priority for […]

Take Help From 4D Well-Being Scan Clinic To Avoid Second Miscarriage

One experience that no woman wants to experience but still has to sometimes, unfortunately, is miscarriage. Not every pregnancy ends on a happy note. One of the most devastating phases of a woman can be dealing with pregnancy. While 4D well-being scan clinic can give you a report of how your child is growing and […]