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COVID-19 Essentials For Every Mum-To-Be

Hello, lovely expecting mommas in Peterborough! COVID-19 has changed our way of living and thinking. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey but Coronavirus outbreak has impacted the lives of pregnant mothers to a lot of extent. To all the expecting mothers, I would like to personally advise you to stay inside your house as much as […]

My pregnancy Life During COVID-19 Outbreak In Peterborough

COVID-19 is definitely not kind to UK. I live in Peterborough and I know how difficult it is during these days to survive as a pregnant woman. Nowadays, I only go out for my ultrasound baby scan clinic’s appointments. My OB-GYN doctor is kind enough to provide online consultations during this pandemic outbreak. I’m really […]

Easy-Peasy Sandwich Recipes For All Pregnant Mommies!

Hi, beautiful pregnant ladies with a bump! Since pregnancy equals hunger pangs, you always want a quick fix for the same, isn’t it? Do you love sandwiches? If yes, then continue reading further to get hold of some easy-peasy sandwich recipes that can be easily prepared within minutes. Recently, I’ve been surfing the net for […]

Pregnancy Must-Haves For Every Expecting Mum!

Pregnancy is an experience that’s both same and different for all women at the same time. So, what pregnancy entails? Well, frequent visits to the doctor, ultrasound baby scan clinic, and birth club! Apart from that, dealing with morning sickness, mood swings, swollen feet and many other health issues is just plain unendurable. If you […]

How To Manage Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the feet can become swollen due to various factors, like fluid retention, extra pressure from the uterus to the body, and change in hormones. Just the way you visit your baby scan clinic religiously, the same way you need to pay attention to your puffy feet. Edema or Oedema can begin during the […]