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How To Deal With Excruciating Hand Pain? Let’s Figure Out

Hands are an essential part of the human body. We perform a plethora of things with our hands, be it eating, writing, typing, cooking, cleaning, in fact, even during praying we need to use our hands. Hand pain has become old news in today’s digitalized world. Upon that there’s deadly Corona which is making us […]

Hate Cardamom? You Won’t After Reading Its Benefits

When we hate someone, we often consider that person to be an elaichi in our biryani, meaning that the person’s existence in your life is as unwelcomed and unappreciated as cardamom in biryani! Cardamom is a spice that is ardently used in Indian cuisine. We make adrak and elaichi ki chai to get rid of phlegm congestion and fatigue. We even […]

How To Choose The Best Hospital In Varanasi For Your Medical Treatment

Healthcare is an important concern among people living in Varanasi. Thankfully, the healthcare system is improving gradually and effectively. We have some best hospitals in Varanasi with well-equipped infrastructure and modern facilities providing top-notch services to the masses. There’s no chance in the universe to compromise on your health. For your health, the right option […]

Want To Be Healthy? Drink Water From A Copper Vessel

We all must have seen our grandparents drink from a copper pitcher instead of using fancy sippers and sports bottles. During ancient times, people did not have brands, like Tupperware and Pearl Pet and used to drink water stored in copper vessels and even earthen pots (we all know the term, matke ka pani, if […]