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Why Are Well-Designed Business Cards Crucial For A Business?

A business card is a fundamental part of a business. Either you are going to begin a new startup or you have a presiding business, having a business card is inevitable. In this blog, Purpple Designs, the leading graphic design agency in Kolkata is pleased to provide you some important facts about well-planned business cards […]

Let’s Find Out The Hidden Meanings Behind Famous Brands’ Logo Designs

Logo designs are always fascinating. Each brand has a distinct logo design that separates it from its competitors. Have you ever wondered what might be hiding behind a brand’s logo design? Well, it is always more than what meets the eye. Today, we are gonna find out the hidden meanings lurking behind famous brands’ logo […]

Five Signs Its Time To Revamp Your Logo Design

A logo is a very first thing that a customer looks for a brand or a company. Therefore, a unique logo can have a big impact on your businesses. Sometimes businesses get it right in the first instance and never have to redesign their logo, but more often companies make the mistake of overlooking their […]