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What Happens If Your Newborn Gets Infected With The Coronavirus?

In many places, the crisis of pandemic has eased down a bit while in other places it is still rising. The UK is still fighting with the disease where the number of cases is increasing rapidly every day. Millions have already been affected by it irrespective of their age. Among them, though rare, some newborn […]

Baby Scan Offers: A Way Of Listening To Your Baby’s Heartbeat

The first smile, the first laugh, the first walk, all these precious moments of a baby are held forever by the parents. But these precious moments start occurring not just after birth but right after a pregnancy is confirmed. The first image of your baby, the first kick and the first time you listen to […]

7 Ways Your Second Pregnancy Labour Will Be Different Than The First

Are you going to become a mother for the second time? you would be pleased to know that as you are already experienced a lot of things this time will be easier for you. You will still have to visit the Milton Keynes ultrasound baby scan clinic for checking your baby’s health. But a lot […]