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Want To Lose Belly Fat Before It’s Too Late? Follow These Simple Tips

A lot of people even though not obese seems to carry belly fat at various degrees. Due to the increasing amount of desk job and less amount of daily exercises in this busy life, carrying belly fat is becoming quite regular. But you should be aware of this belly fat as harmful too. This belly […]

How To Eat Different Foods Without Gaining Weight During Lockdown?

Unfortunately, this is a very bad time which we are living in. Stepping outside the house has become a risk. India is right now dealing with more than two lakh cases of COVID-19 where at least 8000 new cases are getting reported every day. But staying at home for the last five months has become […]

Obesity: One Of The Major Reason For Death During The Pandemic

If you take a look at the world statistics regarding the cases of the COVID-19, you will notice that the death rate is a lot higher in the USA and Italy than it is in India. As of today, if you compare the USA and India, the number of deaths in our country is merely […]