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4 Common Pregnancy Complications You Should Be Familiar With

The path of pregnancy is not always smooth for every woman. Some of them have to undergo certain complications that are directly related to pregnancy. Medical survey reports notify that almost 8% of women go through a tumultuous journey of pregnancy. Such pregnancy complications either harm the baby or the mother. Sometimes, both the mother […]

Some Most Common Pregnancy Complications While Being Pregnant

Pregnancy complications can be mild or severe. Sometimes it becomes difficult for a woman to understand which symptoms are normal and which needs attention. So, instead of neglecting those, it is always suggested to visit your doctor. Visit a well-known baby scan clinic in the UK that offers reliable baby scan reports. Some most common […]

8 Most Common Complications Moms-To-Be Faces During Pregnancy

Often moms-to-be face health issues during pregnancy. These issues can involve both, the mother’s health as well as the child’s health. Visiting an ultrasound baby scan clinic timely can help to ensure your baby is safe and healthy. It is a good idea to always ask your doctor if you have any symptoms of complication […]

Can You Prevent Miscarriage Or Pregnancy Loss?

Miscarriage or pregnancy loss is losing the fetus before delivery. USG scan from an ultrasound baby scan clinic can accurately diagnose miscarriage. Pregnancy loss can happen due to the following reasons: Blood clots Low intake of folic acid Infection Thyroid conditions Diabetes High blood pressure Fibroids Smoking Alcohol consumption Drug abuse Excessive consumption of caffeine […]