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National Parents’ Day UK: Celebration Ideas For Expecting Parents

A big hello and a happy national parents’ day to all expecting parents living in Aylesbury. Hope you all are doing well. Pregnant mommas, did you get your obstetric report from a good ultrasound baby scan clinic recently? Are you taking good care of hygiene during this pandemic outbreak? These are just small responsibilities as the bigger ones are yet […]

My pregnancy Life During COVID-19 Outbreak In Peterborough

COVID-19 is definitely not kind to UK. I live in Peterborough and I know how difficult it is during these days to survive as a pregnant woman. Nowadays, I only go out for my ultrasound baby scan clinic’s appointments. My OB-GYN doctor is kind enough to provide online consultations during this pandemic outbreak. I’m really […]

COVID-19: What To Do In Case You Get Infected While Pregnant?

The biggest fear right now during pregnancy is what if you get infected from COVID-19 somehow. You can always check your baby’ s health with ultrasound baby scanning services. But your health will need more care in such cases. There are several things that you should do and you should know if you do get […]

A Recount Of My Experience During The First Early Scan Of Pregnancy

You know how sometimes when you keep anticipating about something and getting anxious over it, trying to come up with scenes on how exactly it is going to happen? Well, that is exactly what I kept doing before my first pregnancy scan. And when it happened, the experience turned out to be even more wonderful […]

7 Ways Your Second Pregnancy Labour Will Be Different Than The First

Are you going to become a mother for the second time? you would be pleased to know that as you are already experienced a lot of things this time will be easier for you. You will still have to visit the Milton Keynes ultrasound baby scan clinic for checking your baby’s health. But a lot […]