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The Relevance Of Cylindrical Shape In Domestic Water Storage Tanks

The cylindrical shape is the most common shape for all kinds of water tanks. You must have noticed that most domestic water storage tanks come in this shape only. This is not a random thing that was just chosen to do but rather there is a reason behind it. The circular cross-section provides a lot of advantages. This is why it has been used since old times. Read on to find out why a circular shape is important for a stable structure.

The circular shape domestic water storage tank allows the water to exert a uniform stress distribution along the wall of the tank. Due to this, the water pressure in the tank is dissipated in every direction evenly on the inner walls. This, in turn, leads to longer shelf life for the domestic water storage tank. It enables the supply of water through pipes quite efficient and effortless, irrespective of the position of the water tank.

If we compare with a square or rectangular cross-section, you will see that the corners of the structure are a hindrance to the even distributing. This leads to an overall pressure in the structure. Around the corners, this pressure becomes too much and makes it weal. In the long term, this can cause corrosion and leakage in these bends.

The round shape of a tank gives additional strength from inside as well as outside. During the windy and stormy weather, the round-shaped edges enable the wind to pass through them swiftly without ever uprooting the structure.

If you look at the geometrical aspect of the cylindrical structure, you will notice that it has the largest volume capacity than any other type of shapes. Several aerial tanks are made in spherical shape due to this. The tank should be grounded which is why cylindrical shapes are the best kind for that. It also makes the maintenance and cleaning of the tank hassle-free.

Apart from all these factors, another reason cylindrical shapes are chosen for domestic water storage tanks is to ensure the fluency of the water flow. It flows more freely once the pump or the tap is on because of the absence of corners that can offer resistance. This also makes sure that there is no growth of algae, bacteria, or virus which prevents contamination of the water.

This is why not only the circular shape is good for domestic water storage tanks but also they are the best for storing water for your daily use.

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