Labour Day

This Labour Day Buy Commercial Water Storage Tank For Clean Water

On 1st May, labour day is celebrated all over the world. On this day every person who works hours in a day to earn money is entitled to celebrate a holiday. After all, whether you work nine hours a day sitting behind a desk or you work twelve hours a day as manual labour, hard work is required everywhere. But someone who is working hard so much is also bound to fall sick if health is not given priority. It has been observed that a lot of people fall sick due to the lack of drinking water or ignoring to drink water during work. So, it is an employer’s duty to make sure that clean and fresh water is available all the time to all employees. This is where a commercial water storage tank can help.

Choose The Best One

If you look for the best quality commercial water storage tank, you will see there are several in the market. But you need to choose one based on how many people are going to use it and also the space available on the roof for installation. If you are looking for such a tank, you can choose MAXX 5 foam tank.

Why It Is The Best?

MAXX foam 5 tank is an ISO certified water tank that has been made with low linear density polyethene (LLDPE) which is the best BPA free plastic material available. It is very reasonably priced so that all kinds of business from small to giant corporates can afford it. There are also many more extraordinary features that had been included to make it an ideal buy for your commercial space.

Features Of MAXX 5 Foam Tank

It is a multi-layered tank which has five layers. The five distinct layers include the following:

1. UV Protected Outermost Layer
2. Black Middle Layer
3. Insulated Foam Layer 1
4. Insulated Foam Layer 2
5. Food Grade Inner Layer

Every five of these layers has its own function. From protecting the tank and the water from harmful UV rays to providing drinkable water, all these five layers do their own work. Altogether these layers make this tank a robust and unbreakable plastic tank which is a must buy and gives your money’s worth. The insulated dual foam layers ensure double insulation. They have a higher capacity to keep the water cooler even at extreme climatic conditions. The lid design of this tank is threaded which incorporates a new system. It provides airtight closure which prevents the entry of all unwanted objects like dust, dirt, insects, etc. inside the tank keeping the water clean.

So, before any of your employees falls sick, install a commercial water storage tank in your workplace to provide them safe and clean water all year long.

Author Bio: Hi, My name is Sunita. I work in a manufacture company and in free time write a blog. My blogs are all product-related.