Tomato Juice During Pregnancy – Yay Or Nay? Let’s find out!

Hello to all Reading preggo mums! How have you been so far? I love drinking juices during pregnancy. Juices are tasty, healthy, and take less time to prepare. One of my favourite juices during pregnancy is none other than tomato juice. My bestie suggested me to consume tomato juice during pregnancy as vitamin C is very significant in the times of Covid-19.

Tomato juice is absolutely amazing for you and your bump during pregnancy. Here’s why you must include this extraordinary juice in your pregnancy diet.

Prevents anaemia

Iron-deficiency anaemia is not unknown during pregnancy. Iron-deficiency anaemia can hinder the growth and development of the baby. You can get your baby’s complete growth and development report from any trusted fetal health scan clinic in Reading. Tomatoes have vitamin C in them so they allow better iron absorption.

Boosts immunity

Nowadays, building immunity is very important. Without a strong immune system, your baby will not develop properly. Tomato juice is excellent for boosting the immune system as of course, due to the high vitamin C content in tomatoes.

Improves digestion

Pregnancy gives birth to many stomach issues. Indigestion is a very common phenomenon during pregnancy. Tomatoes have high levels of dietary fibre which helps in improving digestion.

Reduces the risk of pregnancy issues

Gestational diabetes and preeclampsia are among the common pregnancy problems faced by millions of women. Drinking tomato juice can help in reducing the risk of such pregnancy issues due to its potassium content.

Removes fatigue

Ask a pregnant woman what fatigue feels like. Well, you don’t have to worry about fatigue if you consume tomato juice daily during pregnancy, thanks to carbohydrates in tomatoes.

Here’s my favourite easy tomato juice recipe that I would like to share with all of you today.

• 5 to 6 fresh tomatoes
• 2 tbsps lemon juice
• Sugar, black pepper, and salt to taste
• Ice cubes

• Boil washed tomatoes. Remove the skin and keep them aside.
• Take the blender and blend the peeled tomatoes.
• Strain the mixture in a serving glass
• Add salt, people, and sugar as required.
• Add ice cubes.
• Enjoy!

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Author Bio: Hi, I am Kristy Barrett. I work full time-time in a well being-care facility and I enjoy blogging about parenting and mom-care in my free time.