Want To Be Healthy_ Drink Water From A Copper Vessel

Want To Be Healthy? Drink Water From A Copper Vessel

We all must have seen our grandparents drink from a copper pitcher instead of using fancy sippers and sports bottles. During ancient times, people did not have brands, like Tupperware and Pearl Pet and used to drink water stored in copper vessels and even earthen pots (we all know the term, matke ka pani, if you don’t ask your elders).

But why would they prefer copper vessel instead of anything else? Simply because it has some amazing benefits on the body which is exactly what I’ll discuss in this blog. Our body needs both vitamins and minerals, thus, copper being an excellent mineral is crucial for our system. Copper is gifted with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-carcinogenic, and antioxidant properties, so storing your precious water inside an extraordinary copper flask will ensure that your drinking water is purified and free of any microbes. Here are some wonderful benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel.

Good digestion:

Good digestion

Copper is not only blessed with detoxifying and purifying properties but also allows good digestion by making the body absorbs nutrition from food. If you drink water from a copper vessel every day, you’ll never have a weak digestive system.

Improves skin texture:

Improves skin texture

No wonder our grandmothers were beautiful! 🙂 Copper is responsible for cell regeneration, removing free radicals, boosting collagen and melanin production which means beautiful skin free of blemishes and signs of ageing. Who doesn’t want it, huh?

Fights Anaemia:

Fights Anaemia

Copper aids in better absorption of iron by the body, thus fighting iron deficiency anemia.

Cures Hypertension:

Cures Hypertension

As per research by authentic sources, copper has the power to normalize high blood pressure levels, hence, it also regulates the heart rate.

Promotes weight loss:

Copper makes the body break down fat properly which further promotes weight loss. If you’re planning to lose those extra pounds then drink water stored in a copper pitcher first thing in the morning. Trust me, you’ll see a visible difference pretty soon!

Combats Cancer:

Combats Cancer

As we know, copper contains antioxidant properties, which fight off the cancer-causing free radicals.

Isn’t copper one of the most amazing minerals? So, when are you gonna start including copper water in your routine? Always ensure to buy vessel or bottle made of 100% pure copper, store the water overnight and drink it twice a day for best results. Also, if you face any health-related conditions, do consult a medical professional preferably from Best Hospitals in Varanasi.

Author Biography:- Greetings to everyone! I’m Juhi Pandey and I love to research and write on health-related topics! Hit the follow button if you want to read interesting health-related blogs.